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Certified Translations  
·English · French · German· 

More than 10 years of experience



Translating Services 

 Legal translation: any legal document such as contracts, trusts,lawsuits etc.

Official documents: Apostilles, birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, etc.


Documents of identification: Passports, Driver licenses, visas, car titles, etc.


Academic documents: University degrees, certificates, academic transcripts, diplomas, etc.


Among other specialized translations (technical, medical, etc.)

Interpreting Services

Interpreting services for companies, public and private organizations and whoever requires a professional interpretation.


Legal interpreting: Hearings, appointments with a Public Notary, appointments for legal counsel, etc. 

Dual citizenship 

Apostille for Mexican and American documents.


Service to obtain Mexican citizenship (dual citizenship) for children of a Mexican father and/or mother.


Birth Certificate Correction.


 Cancellation and new registration of birth certificates due to duplication (those who are registered as born in the USA and in their Mexican birth certificate as born in Mexico)


Other services in the Office of Public Records of Ensenada.

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Ab Lingua

Ab Lingua Translations offers you high-quality translating and interpreting services in English, French and German.


Led by M.Ed Yahaira Nava Morán, an expert translator and interpreter certified by the Judicial Council of the State of Baja California, Mexico with more than 10 years of experience in the legal, technical and other specialized fields. 

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Questions and Quotes 

Ab Lingua guarantees fair prices and high-quality services. This is why in order to provide you with a quote, the following must be taken into consideration:

For translating services: Please, attach a clear and legible file or image indicating the language into which the translation is required (English, French or German).

For interpreting services: Please, indicate the date, time, and location for the service.

For other procedures: Please, send us your information and questions, or contact us by phone call or text message at the number listed below for a quicker response.


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Thank you for your inquiry!

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